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Pídele a Aerosmith que se sume a BDS a su paso por Madrid

Miles de ciudadanos en todo el mundo, estamos pidiéndole a Aerosmith que escuche y apoye a la sociedad civil palestina que defiende el boicot, desinversiones y sanciones (BDS) a Israel, hasta que este Estado cumpla con el Derechos Internacional y termine el régimen de Apartheid y de ocupación militar


Miles de ciudadanos en todo el mundo, estamos pidiéndole a Aerosmith que escuche y apoye a la sociedad civil palestina que defiende el boicot, desinversiones y sanciones (BDS) a Israel, hasta que este Estado cumpla con el Derechos Internacional y termine el régimen de Apartheid y de ocupación militar, garantice la igualdad de todos los ciudadanos y respete el derecho al retorno de los refugiados. Aerosmith abrió su gira internacional en Tel Aviv el pasado 17 de mayo. INOT GLOBAL, lanzó una petición para que la banda apoyara el boicot cancelando este concierto en Israel, sin ningún éxito. No sólo siguieron adelante sino que fueron recibidos y agasajados por el Primer Ministro de Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu.

Por eso, no queremos quedarnos atrás y queremos recibir a Aerosmith en España pidiéndole un compromiso real. La banda llega a España el 29 de Junio. ¡Pidámosle que apoyen al movimiento BDS, se retracten y renuncien a volver a ser cómplices del Estado de Apartheid israelí.


We, citizens of the world, are asking Aerosmith to heed the Palestinian civil society’s call for boycott, divestments and sanctions (BDS) in Israel until it complies with international law and ends its Apartheid regime, and belligerent military occupation of Palestine, and guarantees equality to all its citizens and respects the refugees’ right of return. Aerosmith played their Open Tour concert in Tel Aviv on May 17th. IPNOT GLOBAL launched a petition for the band to declare boycott to Israel and cancel their Open Tour concert in Tel Aviv with no effect. We don’t want to stay back and we want to receive Aerosmith in Spain asking them for a real compromise. The band is coming to Madrid on 29th June. Ask them to support to the Boycott to Israel, to retract themselves about their complicity and to refuse to collaborate and perform back again in the State of Apartheid israeli.

After the obligatory visit to occupied Jerusalem, accompanied by Israeli security guards, Aerosmith made time for a photo-op with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Aerosmith’s concert contract hasn’t been revealed, we don’t know how many millions they were payed, nor if any additional publicity stunts like this are forthcoming, but it is clear that the band’s contract included meetings with high ranking Israeli officials and a whole advertising campaign with Israeli model Bar Refaeli. Israel expressly uses big-name musicians to divert attention from its crimes against the Palestinian people, and Aerosmith is a prime example. We hope that Aerosmith and other musicians see this show for what it is, and refuse to entertain Israeli apartheid.

Music and other forms of art don’t exist purely on an elevated artistic platform that is separated from the mundane world. What makes it significant is its connection and effect to the everyday reality. As Tom Rowland himself said in an interview back in 2005: “Music is bigger than us.” Israel takes advantage of this, by using culture as a form of propaganda to whitewash and justify its regime of occupation, settler-colonialism and apartheid over the oppressed Palestinian people.

This is no secret. Israeli government officials have summed up how Israel exploits culture in order to cover up its severe violations of international law. As early as 2005 Foreign Ministry officials were quoted as saying “We are seeing culture as a hasbara [propaganda] tool of the first rank and I do not differentiate between hasbara and culture.”  The Israeli ministry of Foreign Affairs provides funding to Israeli artists and writers, under the condition that they, as “service providers”, should “promote the policy interests” of the state of Israel – which includes acting as “fig leaves” to hide the brutality of the ongoing occupation and the inequality that Israel’s Palestinian citizens face.

When international artists, such as The Chemical Brothers, perform at Israeli cultural venues and institutions, they help to create the false impression that Israel is a “normal” country just like any other. Artists both onstage and in the media make pious comments about “peace” and “coexistence”, whilst hinting that the occupied and occupier should “live side by side”. This doesn’t change the fact that artists that are performing in Israel are actually taking part in whitewashing the occupation and apartheid.

As awareness of Israel’s systematic oppression of Palestinians and the way it uses culture to divert attention from it, more and more artists from across the world are joining the cultural boycott. The act of supporting the cultural boycott and cancelling shows is widely covered in the Israeli media, showing the Israeli government that there is an increasing opposition to Israel’s denial of Palestinian rights and that the effects of the occupation and Apartheid can’t be hidden behind walls or apartheid segregation. Thousands of artists from across the world now support the Palestinian call for BDS, and many others have cancelled their concerts, such as Roger Waters, Brian Eno, Gil Scott Heron, Elvis Costello, Devendra Banhart, Coldplay, Faithless, Stevie Wonder, and Lauren Hill, to name a few. We ask The Chemical Brothers to join them, because both in music and in politics there is no neutral “gray” zone where music can be excluded from the current reality of the state and society where it’s performed.

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